How to get hostname from ip

Dec 29, 2017 · I have a windows computer (not joined to the domain). When I connect it to the network, I can ping it by hostname from any other computer on the network. How can I replicate this behavior on Lubuntu 16.04? I've tried samba/winbind. I got somewhere with avahi, but that doesn't appear to work across different subnets.. Get the IP address of a website from hostname Method 1: Using ping command Method 2: Using nslookup command What is hostname? A hostname is a name called on the network. The term hostname is used for computer name and website name. It helps to distinguish the machines on a local network.

When you use the ping command, you can add "-4" behind the host name to display the IPv4 address. ping hostname -4. I also have a batch file that returns the hostname and IP.




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To get HostName from IP in Windows, you can use one of the below options: Ping Command-Line. nbtstat Command-Line. nslookup Command-Line. Reverse DNS Lookup.